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In the last few years, the Ecuadorian export community has stumbled upon a nontraditional export product: information services, particularly software. Software development in the country has primarily been focused on software for financial institutions in Ecuador and abroad; in addition, Ecuadorian companies have provided software in Spanish for inclusion into the products of corporations. More

Technology Companies in Ecuador:

Producers of Web based software and providers of international web development services.

EBS Business Software
EBS is a software consultancy firm comprised of a group of pioneering professionals dedicated to the development of business resource administration systems, EBS relies on the expertise of consultants that have nearly a decade's experience helping businesses throughout the hemisphere better manage their human resources.
www.ebs.com.ec, info@ebs.com.ec
FISA Core Banking Systems
FISA provides integrated technology solutions for the financial services industry. The founders of FISA have been in the business of banking as well as developing and implementing technology solutions for financial institutions for over 25 years
www.fisagrp.com, marketing@fisagrp.com
Atiempo Biometric Devices Ecuador
Atiempo Office is the leading provider of Biometric Solutions for administrative purposes in Ecuador
www.atiempo.com.ec, info@atiempo.com.ec
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Ecuadorian Software Products for Sale:

Powerful Portal Creation software based on open standards for creating interactive portals. Available as ASP or as stand alone software.
www.metamorf.net, info@metamorf.net

MetaFlor is a system designed to fulfill the needs of fresh cut flower sales and customer service departments who wish to have real time communications via the web about flower availability and prices and to more effectively service their clients.
www.metamorf.net, info@metamorf.net
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