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Investment Climate Overview

The current investment climate in Ecuador is extremely favorable, as compared to other Latin American countries. A dollarized economy, combined with a stable political culture and low wage levels, create many opportunities for foreign investors. Other investment advantages include an abundance of natural resources and the fastest growing economy in the region, with a GDP growth rate of 5.40% for 2001.

Nevertheless, the Ecuadorian economy also poses various risks and obstacles for potential investors. These risks include those typically found in most developing nations. For example, inflation, while having dropped significantly in 2001, is still a persistent problem. In 2001, the Ecuadorian economy registered an inflation rate of 22.40%. Infrastructure, such as telecommunications networks and roads, is also still not on par with that found in more developed countries.

Government Support for Foreign Investment

Both the Ecuadorian Constitution and the Investment Promotion and Guarantee Law, passed in December 1997, protect the investment rights of foreign investors and ensure that they will be treated similarly to Ecuadorian nationals. Specifically, foreign investors enjoy the following legal protections:

  • Right to own property.
  • Freedom to transfer profits abroad.
  • Freedom to fully negotiate investments.
  • Access to all tariff preferences granted to Ecuador, including the Andean Trade Preference Act.
  • Freedom of access to the domestic financial system, including the country´s stock markets.
  • Freedom to dispatch resources in case of total or partial liquidation of companies.
  • Freedom of access to domestic resources for promotional and/or technical purposes.

For more information regarding the Ecuadorian investment and foreign-trade regime, please see the following links:

COMEXI (Foreign Trade and Investment Council of Ecuador)

MICIP (The Ministry of Foreign Trade, Integration, and Fishing; Spanish-only site)

Quito Chamber of Commerce

The Ecuadorian government is generally very enthusiastic about foreign investment. As a result, it has established various programs to promote such activities. These programs are coordinated through CORPEI - The Export and Investment Corporation of Ecuador.

For more information, please see the following link:


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