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Ecuador Banana Industry

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Ecuador Banana Sector Overview
Ecuador exports more bananas than any other country and has been the top banana exporter to the European Union for more than a decade. The country vies with Costa Rica as the leading exporter to the United States; its other principal exporting markets are Argentina, Chile, and Japan. More


Ecuador Banana News:

Andean Trade Preference Act (04-Apr-02)
Bush is calling for passage of the Andean Trade Preferences Act, a bill which expired last year, granting special trade privileges to Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia.

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Ecuadorian Banana Organizations:

Chamber of Agriculture for Zone I
(Cámara de Agricultura de la I Zona)
Av. Amazonas 1429 y Colon
Quito, Ecuador
President: Mr. Rodrigo Lasso
Tel: (593-2) 2230-195, 2507-775; Fax: (593-2) 2561-348
Email: camara1z@uio.telconet.net

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Ecuadorian Banana Exportations:

Agroindustria Holvel
Products for exportation: Bananas
Address: Santo Domingo
Telephone: (5932) 3701498
Fax: (593)2 256 8382
E-mail: agroindustriaholvel@hotmail.com


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