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How to Import from Ecuador

Importing goods and services from foreign suppliers is now commonplace. Companies generally import for the following reasons: 1)They can obtain materials and products for less than they can domestically; 2)The foreign goods are of a higher quality; and/or 3)The foreign goods are not available domestically.

The procedures for importing from Ecuador depend largely upon the country to which imports are directed. Since the U.S. is the primary market for Ecuadorian exports and the largest supplier of Ecuadorian imports - in 2000, the U.S. purchased USD 2.21 billion of Ecuadorian exports and Ecuador imported USD 1.03 billion of goods and services from the U.S. - we will use importing to the U.S. as our example. While U.S. import procedures and requirements should provide a good model for judging situations in other countries, companies planning to import to non-U.S. countries should investigate the procedures and regulations in their particular market.

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