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Ecuador's population is estimated to be 12,646,095, with a less than 2% annual growth rate. The population is ethnically mixed: 55% mestizo (mixed Indigenous - Caucasian), 25% Indigenous, 10% Caucasian, 9% African, and 1% other.

Although the population was heavily concentrated in the Andes highlands region a few decades ago, today it is divided about equally between that area and the coast. Migration toward cities - particularly Quito and Quayaquil - in all regions has increased the urban population to more than 50%. The rainforest region to the east of the mountains remains the most sparsely populated of Ecuador's three continental regions and contains only about 3% of the population.

The official language of Ecuador is Spanish. Quichua, Shuara, and other native languages are also widely spoken. Ecuador is a very English-friendly country, with many Ecuadorians studying English as their second language.



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